Rembrandt Appartement

4 people max | Daily rates: € 195 – € 220

In the Old Harbour

My boat is used in the 20th century as a tugboat.

The boat was not tugging other boats but was tugged in a trail of 5 boats by a much smaller tugboat. The boat never had his own motor because in the time that this boat was used and build, a motor was not efficient enough compaired with the time the boat was loaded or unloaded.

The small tugboat pulled a line of boats and close to the harbour, the last boat was unlocked so he had enough speed to reach the harbour and not to much speed to ram the shore.

This way of transport asked a lot of knowledge about the wind, weight of the cargo and technics and a proper communication with the people in the harbour. The bumps and blows on the outside of the boat are the proof that this job not always succeeded well.

Quick facts

  • Max. number of guests: 4 guests
  • Minimum stay: 3 nights
  • Daily rates: € 195 – € 220
  • Private bathroom
  • Internet connection
  • Kitchen/kitchenette
  • Coffee/tea making facilities
  • Phone
  • TV
  • Non smoking
  • Air conditioning

Location in Amsterdam

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